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Building Department
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Joseph Hanna
Building Inspector


Timothy Chichick
Deputy Building Inspector

Building Permit Information

The following information will help you determine whether a building permit is required for your project. The information below may also be downloaded as a PDF document.

No Permit Necessary

Maintenance Work: (examples) painting, replace board on deck, repair leak in roof (if replacing more than half a permit is needed), 1 block, awning, etc.

Interior: Job less than $2000 & NO electrical, plumbing or structural

Slab Concrete: (examples) driveways, sidewalks

Permit Required

County, State or jobs up to $500 (no fee required).

Asbestos Removal: Need report & City License. Asbestos testing required for new roof (160 sq. ft. or less NO test required & Siding OR sign release for hazardous material notification.

All Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical (structural).

Licenses Required

Contractors for jobs less than $5000 need City License, State License & Handyman License.

Contractors for jobs over $5000 need City License, State License & Contractors License.

Setback & Other Information

Retaining Wall or Fence should stay off property line in order to maintain but can go up to property line.

New Structures:
  • 5 feet from property line - side setback
  • 10 feet between permanent/existing structures at roof line
  • 25 feet frontal setback
Permit for Signs: No zoning, No moving parts allowed.

Permit Fees

Permit but NO FEE for County, State or jobs up to $500

Residential Projects ($501-$1000): $25.00 + $3.00 per $1000 or fraction thereof

Commercial Projects ($501-$1000): $50.00 + $4.00 per $1000 or fraction thereof

Demolition: $10.00

Building Permit Forms

Forms may be printed out, filled in and turned in at City Hall