Water & Sewer Department

Water & Sewer Department
191 Main Street
New Martinsville, WV 26155

Water Distribution Department
203 Wetzel Street
New Martinsville, WV 26155

Sewage Treatment Plant
300 South Main Street
New Martinsville, WV 26155

In case of after hours emergency, call the New Martinsville Police Department at 304-455-9100

Office Phone:304-455-9110
Maintenance Shop Phone:304-455-9146
Sewer Plant Phone:304-455-9141

Underground Utility Locations

Whether you are an excavator, contractor, or just a homeowner working on a weekend project, state law requires that you contact WV811 at least two business days prior to excavation.


The New Martinsville Water and Sewer Department is in accordance with West Virginia Public Service Commission regulations. It serves water to approximately 3500 residential and commercial customers. The organizational structure includes the city councils and water board.

New Martinsville Water and Sanitary Sewer Department has a board that is made up of 5 members and a secretary. The board holds their regular meeting on the 4th Monday of the month at 6:00 pm at City Hall.

The New Martinsville Water and Sanitary Sewer Department consists of three divisions which are organized under the Superintendent. Superintendent has an office at city hall where he has an administrative assistant.

The Distribution Department is managed with a foreman and assistant foreman and is responsible for all field service work. The foreman has responsibility to have his crew maintain all water lines, fire hydrates maintenance and repairs, and meter installations and repairs. The also maintain sewer lines through town, working on plug sewers and camera sewer lines. The foreman maintains a crew of 6 that take care of water and sewer repairs and improvements.

Bill Midcap


Paula Gump
Assistant to Superintendent
Richard “Scooter” Wade

Water Department

The water department currently employs:

Water Certifications
2 Class III Operators
1 Class II Operator
3 Class I Operators
2 Operators in Training
9 Water Distribution Operators
6 Backflow Operators

Wastewater Certifications
9 Wastewater Collections

Employees maintain their certification through continuing education hours. The work experience of personnel ranges from 1-34 years.

Sewer Department

The sewer department currently employs:

1 Class III Operator/Supervisor
2 Class II Operators
1 Lab technician – with 2 other operators being Lab Certified

Operators also hold other various certifications and maintain their certifications through continuing education hours. The work experience of our personnel ranges from 4-40 years.

Water Department

The Water and Sewer Department has one Water Operator who is responsible for the water system. The New Martinsville Water Department is a groundwater system and its current water supply is from five (5) wells drawing its water from the Alluvial Aquifer. The wells have an average daily production of about 1.2 million gallons or about 38 million gallons a month.

With the water coming from an underground source, great care must be maintained to protect and eliminate any contamination that can come from land usages and activities within the well fields. The City is fortunate to have great quality water and the water department is currently only required to add chlorine to its water before it is distributed to customers.

The water is routinely monitored for over ninety (90) different contaminates. If there is ever a question or concern about the water or water quality you are encouraged to contact the New Martinsville Water Department.

Sewer Department

The Treatment Department is managed by a Waste water Chief Operator who is responsible for treating wastewater from over 3000 residential and commercial customers. The city of New Martinsville operates the collection and treatment system in accordance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) Permit Number WV0027472.

The plant has a 2.3 mdg capacity flow, utilizing an extended aeration activated sludge process for biological treatment and ultraviolet irradiation process for disinfection of the wastewater. Aerobic digestion and belt filter press processes are used for sludge handling.

The combined collection system is comprised of many thousands of feet of gravity and force main sewer piping of various sizes ranging from 4 inch through 24 inch, 593 manholes, 7 lift stations.

The wastewater plant is comprised of a mechanical bar screen, a manual bar screen, vortex grit removal, 2 rotor aerated oxidation ditches with a volume of 600,000 gallons each, 2 clarifiers with a volume of 191,500 gallons and surface area of 1,963 sq. ft. each, ultraviolet disinfection, a partial flume flow measurement device, an aerobic digester with a volume of 153,000 gal, a 1.5 meter sludge dewatering belt press, and 2 emergency storage tanks.

The operation and maintenance of the treatment plant must be supervised or performed by a certified operator possessing at least a Class III certificate issued by State of WV.